Give Me Liberty or Give Me Half Price Drinks!

I keep hearing that my individual liberties are being threatened under the Obama Administration and that America is heading down the “wrong path.”

I hear this from conservatives who write into this blog and on my Facebook page and their proclamations are often reiterated by leading Republicans.

Every time I hear it I say to myself, “I’d better look into that.  I certainly don’t want my individual liberties to be threatened or to be heading down the wrong path.”

But then one thing leads to another, a good game on television and there’s always a Happy Hour somewhere and I forget.

So, I decided to take some time today and take stock of my jeopardized liberties and to look at this slippery slope that we are on, caused by…what was it again?

Oh yeah! Obama’s socialist takeover of America…

One thing that really irritated me right off the bat is that I’ve lost the right to complain about my stocks which had tanked in 2008.

I sort of enjoyed telling people how broke I was because it made me part of the national economic concern and I felt fellowship. Unfortunately now, after 4 years of that bastard in the White House, I’m up a little and I’ve lost the liberating feeling I got from the communal struggle.

Bills were on my desk and I got a notification from my bank that my mortgage rate actually went down. That’s unfortunate because now I won’t have as much interest to write off.

I got an email from my friend Steve, in Los Angeles, who has been without health insurance most of his adult life and now has coverage and that kind of pisses me off.  I like Steve, but to be honest, I always thought that as a self employed writer he was lazy.

I mean seriously- a WRITER? If he cared about his family at all he wouldn’t have chosen such a selfish profession. Sure, he’s written some television shows during better times that have entertained millions but who can’t do that?

I always thought that he should have taken the manager’s job at Burger King that he was offered after college because the benefits were generously mediocre.

There was a USA Today in front of me that carried an editorial about Obama’s surprisingly successful foreign policies and listed several of the accomplishments for which Republicans might have some trouble finding an attack angle.

It began with the killing of Osama Bin Laden and went on to ending combat operations in Iraq. It occurred to me that along with an actual strategy in Afghanistan, I have lost some wonderful liberal talking points about war escalation and establishing moral authority on the world stage —and that is a clear step off the path of American imperialism!

Indeed, we are on the wrong path if our goal is to create enemies and snub allies so that we can increase military spending in order to drive the debt even higher so that we’ll have to reduce the social spending that actually helps Americans to live rather than to die! That is the goal…right?

All in all, I’m disappointed that I don’t have more to be upset about.  I didn’t even have to shovel my driveway last winter.  If I didn’t already know that the scientific community was comprised of loser nerds, I’d think there was some validity to this “Climate Change” scam.

The truth is I’m lucky.  I have a good job and too many Americans don’t , but I can assure everyone that it isn’t the Affordable Health Care Act or the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act or anything else that is being labeled “socialist” or a “government takeover” that has stifled job creation.  It is something much more sinister and it rhymes with “Republican Obstructionism.”  Okay…it IS Republican Obstructionism.

Meanwhile, I will continue to support those programs, go to work, raise my kids and help everyone I can to enjoy more benefits of being an American.  Like I said, I’m lucky, and the biggest downer in my day so far was watching CNN and seeing angry jeers from a Republican fundraiser close by to where the President was to appear.

It was called “Stand Up America” and one guy actually did stand up.  He stood up and hollered, “Stop this Communist takeover of America!” and the whole banquet hall cheered.

Man, oh, man, I wish I had been there because the $1500 a plate dinner looked divine!

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